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Kitchen Diner Ideas

6 Kitchen Diner Ideas for the Perfect Space

Big kitchen or a small, a kitchen diner can be a great way of opening up your space and introducing a cosy communal vibe. Whether you have a kitchen diner already or are thinking of making space for one in your home, keep reading for some serious kitchen diner inspiration.

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How to design your perfect galley kitchen

A galley kitchen is so named because it echoes the layout of a ship’s kitchen, with two straight counters facing each other and open at both ends. In particularly small spaces you may also come across single galley kitchens, where there is just one counter.

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Kitchen island ideas for any home

An island is a statement piece in any kitchen, serving a functional purpose as well as creating a focal point in the room where people can prepare food, eat, or just hang out.

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How to design your perfect L-shaped kitchen

There are loads of great reasons to choose an L-shaped layout for your new kitchen; it’s highly functional, easy to maintain and practical to work in, to name just a few. But whilst functionality is important, you need to fall in love with your L-shaped kitchen - and these inspirational design ideas will show you just how easy that it is to do.

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Small Kitchen Ideas: Design Ideas That Maximise Space

It’s easy to think that having a small kitchen is going to dramatically limit what you can do with your space, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

With some smart design decisions and the right fittings, you can equip your small kitchen with everything you need and even make it look bigger in the process.

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How to design your perfect U-shaped kitchen

The U-shape is one of the most common kitchen layouts, consisting of 3 straight units at right angles to each other in a ‘U’. Due to its practical layout and efficient use of space, the U-shaped kitchen can be suited to any kind of kitchen, whether it be big or small, closed or open plan.

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How to design your dream kitchen

Whether you’re planning a total kitchen makeover or just giving your room a facelift, there are a lot of things to think about. From flooring and cabinets to lighting and colour schemes, there are so many ways to design your kitchen in a way that’s both functional and reflects your style.

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How long does it take to fit a kitchen?

Renovating your kitchen is a big undertaking that can involve mess, stress and one of the most important rooms in your house being out of action.

What can help is having firm timeframes in place so you can keep one eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. Here are the stages of a kitchen renovation and how long you should expect your kitchen fitting to take.

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