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Track lighting offers ultimate flexibility, as tracks are wired to a single electrical box and can be mounted almost anywhere. You can also re-angle the lights on the track to illuminate different areas as needed, making them easily adaptable even if you rearrange your kitchen layout.

It’s also easy to replace the light fixtures, so if you decide to redecorate and change the style of your kitchen, you can swap out the lights without having to remove the track.

Here are our favourite track lighting ideas to meet your needs in any kind of kitchen.

Task lighting

Your kitchen will have particular areas that you want to illuminate, either because they’re a key working space or to draw the eye to a feature piece. Track lighting allows you to direct spotlights wherever it’s needed, such as a hob, food prep area or kitchen island.

This is particularly useful in small or dim kitchens, where well-angled track lights can light up corners that would otherwise be lost in shadow.

Track Lighting Task Lights
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Low ceilings

Simple LED spotlight track lighting is a useful feature for kitchens with low ceilings, where hanging lights will impose on the space and shrink the height of your kitchen even further.

Track lighting that uses spotlights will help to make the ceiling feel higher, and effectively light the room without obstructing the room with low hanging lights.

Mezzanine floors

If you have a high ceilinged house with a mezzanine level above the kitchen, the outside of the mezzanine floor is an ideal place to attach track lighting to illuminate the kitchen.

Ceiling lights may hang too far above the kitchen to provide sufficient light and can be complicated to access when bulbs need changing.

Track Lighting Mezzanine
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Dimming options

When you’re having your track lights installed, bear in mind that you can choose to have dimming capabilities. This gives you more control over the effect of your track lighting; you can reap the benefits of bright lights while cooking, but dim them while dining.

This is particularly helpful in open plan kitchen/living spaces, where bright spotlights will most likely be too harsh for most activities.

Statement pendants

Spotlights aren’t your only option when it comes to kitchen track lighting. Hanging pendant lights over an island, bar or countertop offer an elegant lighting solution with the potential to add gorgeous statement lamps.

Whether it be an eye-catching shape, colour or material, the options are endless. Consider glass or copper for a contemporary look, or put a twist on your traditional kitchen with pretty metal pendants in a classic shade.

Track Lighting Pendants
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Under-cabinet tracks

If you’re hesitant to use track lighting as your main kitchen ceiling lights, installing a track under suspended cabinets is a more subtle way to illuminate your countertops without committing to the look.

This way the fittings themselves are neatly hidden under the cabinet, and you can spotlight key worktop areas without risking glare.

This approach can also lessen the oppressive effect of upper cabinets in narrow or u-shaped kitchens, by adding a light source in the area where shadow would otherwise be caused.

Sculptural lighting

Track light designs have progressed far beyond basic straight tracks. You can now get tracks in all shapes to suit the features of your room and integrate seamlessly into existing elements.

For example, curved or undulating tracks can sit well against ceiling beams, weaving around them to provide an extra feature of interest.

You could also echo the shape or traffic flow of your kitchen with the shape of your track lighting; for example, a loose right angle to follow the walkway of an L-shaped kitchen.

Track Lighting Structural Lighting
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Fairy light effect

Lots of small bulbs placed close together can give the impression of fairy lights; perfect for a warm, welcoming look in a cosy kitchen. You could consider this approach for track lighting in an open plan kitchen/dining or living area, to soften the look.

Playing with colour

Track lighting comes in an almost limitless range of colours, so you can use them to create any effect you like. If you want your track lighting to be unobtrusive, match the colour of the track to your ceiling and combine with small bulbs so it blends into the room.

Alternatively, you can create contrast between your decor and the track lighting to make more of a statement. For example, bold black track lighting will work perfectly in a monochrome kitchen with a white ceiling and black counters or accessories.

Track Lighting Monochrome
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You should now be full of ideas for how to install track lighting in your kitchen! Their flexibility makes them ideal for any style of kitchen and perfect for DIY-ers and renters as well as homeowners, so there really are no limits.