Black Gloss Kitchen Ideas

Create a chic all-black space

An all-black kitchen is thoroughly modern, and even more so when you add gloss into the mix.

Combine black gloss kitchen units with black kitchen cabinet doors for a sleek and sophisticated space.

This approach works especially well if you have a large kitchen, but those with smaller spaces shouldn’t be afraid of all-black.

If you have natural light coming into your kitchen, it will still look fantastic - and if you don’t have a large window, then you can look to invest in great lighting to open up your space and make it appear bigger than it is, whilst still maintaining that cool all-black look.

Along with your black kitchen units, go for black worktops and black flooring to finish the look. You can add extra interest by introducing different textures in these elements.

A glossy black worktop is a wonderful addition to your kitchen and is easy to keep clean, whilst a matte countertop will add interest and contrast with your gloss black kitchen cabinets.

For flooring, you could introduce black slate tiles for another texture that’s still in the same colour family to create one unbroken line from ceiling to floor.

Go for a monochrome look

If you don’t fancy going fully over to the dark side, then a black and white high gloss kitchen is a great compromise. This classic colour scheme will never go out of style, and there are a thousand different ways you can combine these two shades to create a kitchen that’s uniquely yours.

A two-tone approach to kitchen cabinets is one great way of introducing both colours.

Go for black kitchen base units and glossy white wall cupboards to make your room feel bigger and naturally draw the eye upwards.

Or for something a bit out of the ordinary, you could reverse it and go for white on the bottom and black on the top.

Monochrome is synonymous with modernity, and black and white together looks great with contemporary kitchens, but you can also work this trend into traditional or shaker-style kitchens.

Introducing touches of other colours is a good way to soften the look in a more traditional kitchen - you could use a white marble or light wood countertop, for example.

Black Gloss Kitchen Ideas Black And White Kitchen
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Choose gloss black tiles

Sleek and sophisticated subway tiles look bright and polished, creating a stylish look that has a formal edge.

High-gloss tiles can hide water spots and fingerprints (ideal if you have a young family!) and they can be easily cleaned - an essential feature of any backsplash.

If you have gloss black kitchen units and glossy black tiles, it creates continuity between your base cabinets and wall units whilst still introducing a different texture for added interest.

Black Gloss Kitchen Ideas Blak Tiles
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Use different colours for your corner cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets can transform your space, turning your kitchen into a bright and visually pleasing place that you’ll want to spend lots of time in.

As well as going for different coloured base and wall cabinets, you can also take a fun twist on the trend by choosing coloured corner cabinets.

When the majority of your cabinets are black gloss, you’ve got a huge range of colors to choose from for your statement corner cabinets, as everything looks good with black. Black and lemon yellow is a classic choice and will look fantastic in smaller kitchens to brighten up the room, whilst something more unusual like orange will make a real splash.

Make your kitchen island stand out

When you opt for sleek black gloss kitchen units, you can make a real statement with your kitchen island. Choose a bold, bright colour that will ensure the island is the focal point of your kitchen, and tie the whole look together by choosing gloss black countertops for both your island and cabinets.

Alternatively, you could choose a completely contrasting material for your island to really make it pop.

How about marble or wood? Tactile white marble will offset the darkness of black gloss units, whilst wood will bring warmth into your space.

Whichever option you go for, a kitchen island is a great way to incorporate more storage space into your kitchen, so you can make the whole decor blend together seamlessly by using the same handles and hardware on your island and cabinets.

Black Gloss Kitchen Ideas Kitchen Island
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Add a pop of colour

Whilst an all-black kitchen is sleek and stylish, black gloss kitchen cupboards also offer a great base to play around with colour.

Why not introduce your favourite colour by painting or tiling the walls between your base units and black kitchen wall units?

Colour-block subway tiles look super modern, or you could use patterned tiles to break up the black and add an element of fun.

Add texture with your flooring

A subtle way of introducing a new element to your gloss black kitchen is with your flooring.

Contrast dark units and worktops and add a pop of warmth with a light wood floor. Not only will this add a different texture to your space, but it’ll also add some brightness from the ground up, ensuring your space always looks light and airy.

If you’ve included monochrome cabinets in your kitchen design, you might want to opt for a dark stone or tile floor for a more industrial edge. You could even play with flashes of colour with patterned tiles.

Create a seamless look with black glossy appliances

Don’t forget about your kitchen appliances. Create an unbroken line of vision in your space with black gloss appliances that perfectly match your high gloss black kitchen cabinets.

Ultra modern and seriously sophisticated, this approach is sure to create a space that’s worthy of Pinterest.

Create a mismatched look with different doors

Who says that all of your kitchen cabinets need to have the same doors?

One way to add interest to your space is by mixing your black kitchen cupboard doors with other colours - whether you create a tonal effect with black, white and grey doors, or choose an accent colour such as deep green or pastel blue.

And don't forget that you don’t need to have doors on all of your cabinets. Open shelving is a great way to display your favourite crockery, utensils and accessories, and if you’re unsure about mixing and matching colours on the cabinet doors themselves, you can paint the shelving a different colour for a more subtle effect.

Break up the black with wooden touches

Gloss black pairs perfectly with warm wood for an inviting space that you’ll love spending time in.

Wooden chairs gathered around a kitchen island, light wood countertops, wooden flooring or a wooden table: whatever you choose, when paired beside the rest of your black gloss kitchen, it’ll create a great-looking contrast.

Sleek gloss with natural wood creates a contrast in textures that’s eye-catching and tactile - you simply can’t go wrong with this combination!

Black Gloss Kitchen Ideas Wooden Accents
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If you’re ready to create your black gloss kitchen, take a look at our retailers to find one near you today and start making your kitchen dreams come true.