Millennial's currently hold the most spending power in the UK, and yet one third of them will never own their property. While many Millennial's enjoy the freedom of renting, many are frustrated by their inability to make their house their home...

“You never feel comfortable when you move house every one or two years. You can’t decorate a place to make it a nice place to live.'

Transforming your kitchen from a generic space, into something unique and extraordinary, can be achieved without great expense. Changing up your colour scheme is a simple solution to transform your dull interior into an inspirational living space.

Our new colours are bold, unique, and will appeal to tenants looking for that personal touch.

M N11 Mackintosh Oblique Painted Sky White

Make it Blue

Blue is a calming colour, with the power to reduce anxiety and stress. Bringing the colour into your kitchen can create a serene space, where your tenants can relax after a long day. Our Sky Blue is as uplifting as a summer day and will appeal to those who enjoy pastel colours. Sky Blue works as a lone colour or it can be paired with White to create a bright, two-tone kitchen.

S N5 Sheraton Oblique Painted Blush And Graphite

Make it Pink

Pink may sound like a daring colour to bring into a kitchen. Our Blush pink is a gentle shade of spring blossom, which falls softly on the eye, and will bring charm and warmth to any kitchen. Perfect for those wishing to create a shabby chic interior - or else - to bring a touch of femininity to their modern space. Blush can be used as a delicate accent, or within a two-tone kitchen to complement a darker shade - like Slate Grey.

M F2 Mackintosh Inset Chic Fjord And Dark Blue

Deep Blue Sea

It is often said to avoid dark colours when decorating, as they can drain light and create optical illusions where spaces appear smaller. Combining a dark paint with a paler one can instead bring depth to your living space - with dramatic effect! Our Dark Blue is deep and brooding, and will bring a rich and regal feel to any kitchen. Its depths will appear deeper when paired alongside our frosty, Fjord Grey. Storm's-a-brewin'!

E N21 English Rose Moda Painted Heather And Shaker Sand Oak 19 Omega Hp S25 En21 Est F01 New Cornice Claire Amended

Hike the Hills

Invite the Scottish Highlands into your home with this sumptuous shade of Heather. A flower once used in the making of brooms, the etymology of its genus name, 'Calluna' (Kalluno - Old Greek) means ‘to cleanse.’ Bringing warmth to any wilderness, Heather will revitalise your tired space, creating harmony and a space to unwind in. A softer colour than Blush, this colour will bloom against darker paints such as Slate and Anthracite. Perfect for those who wish to march onto the colour map, without straying too far from convention.


Make some waves

Used in spiritual and healing contexts, turquoise has long been regarded a lucky colour, which promotes health, prosperity and wisdom to those who surround themselves with it. It's certainly not a colour for the faint-hearted! For those adventurous types who love teal and aqua, our Turquoise Green will revitalise your kitchen and your zest for life. A dazzling colour to pair with pale blue, Turquoise may invoke the Mediterranean, and have you reminiscing about that getaway to Capri. Perhaps you will be transported further still, to a coral reef, or a desert island...

Shades of Grey

Grey is versatile and can be paired with almost any paint colour to create a kitchen with the perfect mood. For those who shy from bright colours, creating a neutral kitchen can be achieved by pairing different shades of grey.

Graphite is magnetic, alluring, and will command attention in any kitchen.

Slate is softer, refreshing, yet subtle and will introduce colour to your space without straying too far from white.

Together, they create a two-tone kitchen which is less stark than a monochrome kitchen. Separately, these colours will electrify when paired with polished metals or metallics.