Please find below an update in relation to our customer service levels:


We have made significant progress and dealt with the vast majority of outstanding units and we are now focused on dealing with the residual door and remedial backlog, particularly on painted items. In addition to extra hours being worked to address these, we have also increased the manning and packing capacity on doors to accelerate the process. We expect the majority of the door backlog to be resolved within the next two weeks.


We recently advised that our lead times for Sheraton and Mackintosh kitchens were increasing, temporarily to the following:

Non-painted Sheraton and Mackintosh items 6 weeks

Painted Sheraton and Mackintosh items 7 weeks

Additions and remedials within 2 weeks

These lead times will remain place for at least the next couple of months and we are working hard to return to standard lead times as soon as possible.

Please be aware that due to higher than normal demand at the moment (particularly for painted kitchens), it may be necessary in a small number of cases for us to move your order out an additional week, depending upon capacity levels. If this is the case, we will ensure we give you at least three weeks’ notice to minimise any inconvenience and allow you to plan accordingly.


As previously communicated, the cut-off date for ordering painted rigid kitchens is 25 October 2019. Please log in to the retailer area to download full details of cut-off dates for non-painted kitchens and information about deliveries in the New Year.


Our customer service team is working tirelessly to handle all queries and will be available from 9am-4pm (Mon-Fri) to answer calls. This enables the investigating and inputting of data for the final hours of the day. We hugely appreciate your cooperation at this time and would request that you only contact customer services in relation to these matters. Calls after 4pm will be directed to our customer facing support team in finance and secretarial support. Please note that this is only a temporary situation and we will notify you when we will be reverting back to our normal operating times. At all other times please email your dedicated sales office email address and we will respond to you the following working day, or visit the link above for the latest updated information.

Once again, please accept my very sincere apologies for falling short of the service you should expect to receive from Omega, and let me assure you we are doing everything within our power to restore our usual high service.

Kind regards

Simon Barber - Chief Executive