Chippendale Green

What are your options for adding a splash of green to your kitchen?

Firstly, you could choose to pep up your kitchen with green kitchen cabinets, walls or doors.

Green kitchen cabinets

Green cabinets can be, depending on what shade and finish you go for, either incredibly modern or classic and traditional. But whichever you go for, you can be sure that it’ll add a fresh twist to your kitchen, creating a homely and earthy feel.

Handle-free green cabinets are a great choice for a modern, utilitarian kitchen design, whilst green combined with wood creates a cosy atmosphere that’s perfect for a country kitchen style. Choosing cabinets with a grainy texture will add a touch of the outdoors to your kitchen, ideal for nature lovers.

If you’re opting for darker green cabinets, think about the lighting in your kitchen. Darker shades can make your space seem smaller than it really is, so you may want to add cabinet lights to brighten up your room and highlight your favourite crockery and glassware.

Chippendale Green Cabinates
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Green kitchen walls

A couple of licks of paint is all you need to brighten up your space and create an entirely different feel to a room that needed a breath of fresh air. Whether you keep your cabinets as they are or upgrade them for a beautifully coordinated look, green kitchen walls are always a good idea. Create a bright and airy space with a lighter shade, or go for darker, earthy tones for a look that will never go out of style.

In a contemporary kitchen, consider a feature wall with an eye-catching green patterned wallpaper. An added beauty of one feature wall is that you can update it regularly without disturbing the rest of your kitchen.

Green kitchen doors

If you’re not quite ready to invest in all-new green kitchen units, why not just go for green kitchen doors? Adding new doors to your existing kitchen cabinets is a great way to revitalise your space.

Lighter shades will make your kitchen seem much bigger than it is, ideal for galley kitchens, whilst darker colours will create an atmospheric style that works particularly well for green shaker kitchens with their minimalist style and clean lines.

Mackintosh Green Doors
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What shades of green should you consider?

There is an abundance of green paint colours, meaning there’s something to suit every style.

Olive green

Olive green is a retro-inspired shade that oozes style and sophistication. Create a warm, inviting space by pairing olive green paint with dark wood cabinets, or vice versa. You might even want to combine greens by pairing olive green kitchen walls with light green cabinets for a beautiful mix-and-match look.

Lime green

For a really unique kitchen, consider going for lime green. Fresh and vibrant, lime green will add a burst of zest to your kitchen which is sure to uplift you as you brew your morning coffee.

Such a bright colour is best used sparingly in collaboration with a neutral colour like white or dark grey. Look at your kitchen layout and find ideas for how you can add splashes of lime green in places like a splashback, behind shelving and underneath a kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Sheraton Olive
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Light green

If you have a smaller kitchen - a galley-style one or an open-plan kitchen and living room, for example - you might want to consider opting for a pale green kitchen rather than a more imposing darker shade. This will help to create the illusion of more space for a bright and breezy atmosphere.

Light greens work particularly well in traditional or shaker style kitchens, with natural textures, ornate metal handles and a belfast sink.

Mint green kitchen

Bright but surprisingly calming, ice cream pastels can look fantastic in a kitchen of any size, whether you opt for mint green paint for your kitchen or cabinets, units and accessories in the same shade.

Such a soft shade works well when paired with a contrasting colour. Install slightly distressed wooden flooring for a shabby chic look, or lean into the 50s diner feel with black and white checkered tiles.

Sheraton Light Green
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Green kitchen styling ideas

Get inspired by our ideas for green kitchen colour combinations to create a look that perfectly suits your personal style.

Green & white

A green and white kitchen is a match made in heaven. Opt for crisp white walls and green cabinets, or vice versa - dark green kitchen walls are the perfect contrast for high-gloss white cabinets. This colour scheme will bring lightness to your kitchen, as will a green and cream kitchen. Cream adds a little more warmth than white, which can sometimes be seen as too clinical for a kitchen, and you can get creative with green tiles and splashbacks to break up the cream elsewhere in the room.

Mackintosh Green And White
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Green & grey

For a chic, stylish look that will look as on-trend in years to come as it does right now, go for a green and grey kitchen colour scheme. Grey is a beautiful neutral colour for a kitchen, whilst green will add a much-needed splash of colour to brighten it up. Pair sage green walls with grey cabinets, or opt for an all-green kitchen with pops of grey in the appliances, accessories, cupboard handles and countertops.

Green & copper

For a warm addition to any green kitchen, go for copper tones in your cupboard handles, lights and accessories. Copper pairs beautifully with any shade of green, from the palest of green paint to grey green kitchen cabinets. If you’ve got a green shaker style kitchen, copper will add a touch of modernity to this classic style, whilst they can also add a striking pop of metallic to an otherwise minimalistic green kitchen.

Green Copper
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Have we inspired you to consider green kitchen designs as part of your kitchen makeover? Take a look at our range of kitchen brands and start planning your dream green kitchen, from cabinets and paint shades, right down to the fine details of accessories and handles.