Kitchen Wall Art

Why is your kitchen wall art important?

The kitchen is the heart of the home - and one great way to make it even more homely is to add some kitchen wall art.

A few carefully chosen kitchen art prints can help to transform your kitchen into a space that you’ll love. You can show off your own personality and style with wall art and truly make the space your own.

Wall prints or kitchen wall art stickers are also a fantastic way of finishing off your kitchen design. Tying your wall art to your kitchen colour scheme can add that certain je ne sais quoi, really helping the colours in your kitchen to pop.

The artwork you choose can really help to pull the whole kitchen together, whether you opt for a Shaker-style kitchen with classic artwork for a farmhouse feel, or quirky kitchen wall art for a modern, upbeat feel.

Better yet, you can swap out artwork as often as you like, refreshing your kitchen’s look without forking out for an entirely new kitchen design.

Add an industrial edge with metal artwork

Ever thought about incorporating metal into your kitchen - and we don’t just mean on your kitchen cabinet handles. Metal kitchen wall art can add a modern industrial or vintage feel to your space, depending on what vibe you’re going for.

Choose sculptural metal artwork to make a statement, or go for a stylish, contemporary approach with simple metal wall clocks and frames for a select few family photographs.

Metal Kitchen Wall Art
Instagram: @mackintoshkitchens

Keep it quirky

For a playful, kitsch look, opt for unusual kitchen wall art. Bold, bright designs can work well to add an extra layer to an already colourful kitchen for an eye-catching look that’ll impress your guests.

Quirky kitchen wall art can also be a great choice for neutral kitchens, adding a pop of colour to an otherwise muted colour scheme. This is an easy way of drawing attention towards a feature wall in your kitchen, or zoning off your dining space in an open-plan kitchen.

The type of wall art you go for is entirely up to you, depending on your personal taste. Colourful illustrations of food are in-keeping with the kitchen theme (and might even inspire you to whip up some new recipes), or you could go for abstract art to keep it interesting. Alternatively, commission your own unique piece of art for a completely one-of-a-kind kitchen that showcases your personality.

Quirky Kitchen Wall Art
Instagram: @sheratonkitchens

Make it modern

Modern kitchen wall art works just as well with contemporary kitchen cabinets as it does with classic designs. Modern art looks fantastic with sleek, glossy cabinets - but it also looks great when paired with warm wooden kitchen countertops and cabinets, bringing a classic kitchen right into the 21st century.

Abstract patterns or modern graphics are a great way to add interest to an otherwise minimalist space. If you’re looking for a sophisticated look, then consider black and white kitchen wall art for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that will look fantastic whether hung on an empty wall, over a breakfast bar, or to fill an awkward gap between cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Wall Art
Instagram: @sheratonkitchens

Go large

Want to really make a statement? Go for large kitchen wall art with a piece that covers most of the wall.

This is an eye-catching way of separating your kitchen and dining areas, zoning off different parts of your open-plan space without closing off the space with dividers.

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, covering large stretches of wall space can brighten up your space. Even in a large, farmhouse-style kitchen, large wall art will ensure your space never feels cold or impersonal.

Large Kitchen Wall Art
Instagram: @spillerskitchens

Painted murals

Looking to make your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind? Go the extra mile and paint a mural on the wall for truly unique kitchen wall art.

You can make it as big or as small as you like, and because there’s no need to fix it to your wall, you can wrap the artwork around your shelves and units for an organic piece of artwork that truly blends into your kitchen.

Choosing a mural doesn’t mean you have to go for serious drama. A bright, colourful mural will make a statement, but you could also opt for a more muted piece of art in neutral tones. It’ll still look wonderful without looking too trendy.

Choose a patterned tile or wallpaper

Don’t forget that you can also add in elements of kitchen wall art to your space through your regular kitchen design. Splashbacks and kitchen tiles can also introduce pops of colour, turning your whole space into a work of art.

Choose patterned tiles combined with glossy white cabinets for maximum impact, or go for colourful wallpaper in the gap between your lower and upper cabinets, adding interest to a usually understated space.

You could also tile or wallpaper one full wall to make a feature wall, transforming your space without the need to add additional kitchen framed art.

Patterned Tile Kitchen Wall Art
Instagram: @chippendalekitchens


Whether you want to create a modern, sophisticated space, or love vintage, retro vibes, there’s kitchen wall art to suit every space - and every type of kitchen.

Visit your local showroom to discover the Omega kitchen that best suits your space, and plan out how you’ll incorporate some of your favourite kitchen wall art ideas into the space to make it your own.