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Sage green kitchen walls

Sage green is a great choice for your kitchen walls. As a fairly light colour, it doesn’t dominate, so it works well in small kitchens to open up your space and make the room feel bigger than it is.

It’s also lovely in larger kitchens, creating a light and airy space that’s warm and inviting. You might choose to use sage green on all of the walls, or combine it with a complementary tone to create a feature wall. Perhaps sage green will be the feature wall, with all other walls white - or maybe the rest of your walls will be sage, with a deep forest green providing the accent.

You may also want to play around with different textures to add depth to your space. Sage green wall tiles are a great way to offset neutral white or grey walls and can help to open up your space. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to play around with panelling, especially if you have a larger space to work with. Painting your panelling a beautiful sage green adds an extra dimension to your kitchen, and when paired with different textures such as wooden flooring and brass lighting, it creates an interesting, modern style.

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Sage green kitchen cabinets, cupboards and units

Sage green kitchen cabinets are a great way to introduce an earthy, organic feel to your kitchen. It’s a fantastic choice for traditional kitchens, and works well with wood - its muted tones look beautiful against natural pine and oak. You might choose to have sage green base units and wooden wall cupboards, or vice versa.

Of course, you might like to have all of your kitchen cabinetry the same colour, and sage green is great for that too. Muted and not overbearing, it’s a sophisticated choice for kitchens of any style. Create an ultra-modern look with handleless cabinets and open wall cupboards so you can display your favourite crockery.

Sage kitchen units also look fantastic paired with exposed brick walls, to create a look that’s simultaneously contemporary and timeless. Subdued sage cupboards and units also mean that you can go to town with your flooring and tiling without it being too overwhelming, so consider a statement tiled floor in an abstract pattern, or mosaic tiling to break up the space between your base units and wall cabinets. Neutral sage can carry any colour well, but it looks particularly good with muted red, as well as warmer reds and purples, which contrast perfectly with cool sage green, so consider this when mapping out your floor or wall patterns.

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What colours go with a sage green kitchen?

Green is directly opposite red on the colour wheel, meaning they complement each other better than any other colours. Because sage is at the more muted end of the green spectrum, it works best with pale, muted reds, as well as pinks and purples.

Consider pairing sage with muted red, as mentioned above - but if that feels too bold, you could also go for a soft, dusky pink. Sage green kitchen units and pale pink wall tiles would look great together for a soft, sophisticated kitchen.

Alternatively, it also looks great with fresh, crisp white. Sage green and white is a very calming colour combination, but the green adds a touch of colour to lift a white kitchen which can sometimes feel clinical. You might want to go for sage green kitchen units and white walls, or vice versa, for a warm, inviting feel.

Grey and sage also look lovely together for an earthy, natural-inspired kitchen. Go for green cabinets with grey worktops and matching furniture for a put-together look that will look stylish for years to come. Add accessories and appliances in matching colours as well as a plant or two (utilise your wall space to hang a couple of planters, or set a trailing plant at the edge of a shelf) to add to the outdoorsy feel.

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Sage green shaker kitchen

Shaker kitchens look fantastic in sage green. The clean, simple lines lend themselves well to this natural, muted colour palette, and it looks great whether you want to go for a more modern or traditional feel. You really can’t go wrong with sage if you love the shaker style. The colour has a classic feel which lends itself well to the shaker style, but if you want to jazz things up a little, you could opt for interesting tiles in a contrasting colour - a bright blue, perhaps - and matching accessories.

Modern sage green kitchen

The thing about sage is that it looks just as good in a modern style kitchen as it does in a traditional one. One way of making it look super modern, though, is to add in a secondary green shade for a two-tone effect.

A kitchen island in a bold dark green looks great set against sage green kitchen cabinets and draws the eye to the island as the focal point of your kitchen. This type of two-tone styling also works well for smaller kitchens - opt for a darker green in the base units and sage green on the wall cabinets to create the illusion of more space. If you have a kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light, this is a fantastic choice to open it up.

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Brass pairs well with sage and although it creates a vintage-inspired look, it also somehow looks modern in a kitchen. Think brass taps, light fixtures and cupboard handles with a sage backdrop for a clean, refreshing look.

You can also create a modern feel by opting for sage tiles to mix up the textures in your kitchen, particularly if you choose a matte finish on your cabinets rather than gloss. Sage tiles look great with any colour of cabinets, but for a contemporary look, opt for blush pink or soft, buttery yellow. Bright accessories add an extra pop of colour and can be easily switched out as the weeks, months and years go by to keep your kitchen feeling fresh.

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However you decide to introduce sage to your kitchen, whether it’s a sage accent wall, shaker style cabinets, or simply through flashes of colour in your accessories, Omega can help you to create your dream kitchen.