White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

1. Create a contemporary all-white kitchen

Keep your space fresh by pairing your white kitchen cabinets with white worktops - and take it a step further with white walls and floors as well.

A top-to-toe white kitchen may feel intimidatingly bright and clinical at first, but it’s the perfect way to make your space feel bright and airy.

An all-white kitchen is a very modern look, especially with the addition of simple chrome cupboard handles. This adds a very slight touch of colour without distracting from the white colour scheme, and this subtle edge is just enough to create a fresh look that’s strikingly modern.

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas All White
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2. Mix it up with different textures

If the all-white look feels like too much, the simple addition of different textures to your white kitchen units can have a big impact.

A grained finish on your white cupboard doors can elevate the look, introducing an interesting visual element that will draw the eye towards it.

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Different Textures
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3. Add a splash of colour with painted walls

The beauty of choosing white kitchen units is that they go with absolutely every colour, so you can choose from the whole rainbow when deciding on your kitchen colour scheme.

Yellow walls will keep things bright and breezy, adding a joyful touch to your space. Green is a fresh choice to bring a little of the outdoors inside, whilst pastel blue has a retro feel to it.

Alternatively, go for a darker shade to add a deeper contrast to your white kitchen cupboards.

Navy is a classic choice and a timeless colour combination with white. You could even go for a monochrome look, with white units and black walls - it’s super contemporary yet timeless, and you’ll continue to love this look year after year.

4. Introduce an island

A kitchen island in a contrasting finish is a great way to break up an all-white kitchen and draw the eye to the island, the hub of your space.

Natural wood works perfectly with white, and the addition of white drawers ties the whole look together.

You can then add matching accessories or wooden furniture to further complement the colour scheme and create a sophisticated two-tone finish

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Kitchen Island
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5. Add detail with patterned wallpaper

When your base units and wall cupboards are both white, adding a fun patterned wallpaper in between can really help to liven up your space and stamp your own style on your kitchen.

Choose a bright, bold floral pattern or a geometric design to make a statement - the white background will help to make the colours pop.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a hard-wearing paper that can withstand the splashes and spillages that tend to happen in kitchens!

6. Mix in marble

Marble goes beautifully with white kitchen cabinets and can be introduced into your kitchen in a variety of ways.

Use it for worktops or a splashback to create an elegant look that your eyes will instantly be drawn to. It also feels fantastic, so it’s a great tactile addition, especially when used for worktops.

Marble comes in a variety of different patterns and shades so you can be sure that your marble kitchen elements will be one of a kind.

7. Create a two-tone effect

An all-white kitchen is beautiful, but you might want to mix it up by choosing white kitchen cabinets on the bottom and an entirely different colour for your wall cupboards to create a statement two-tone style.

If you have a smaller space, you may want to go for the darker shade on the base units and white on the top to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of more space.

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Two Tone Cabinets With Blue Island
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8. Add an accent colour

White kitchen cupboards create the perfect backdrop for pops of colour with an accent shade.

Choose your favourite shade, whether that’s bold orange, bright green or deep purple, and weave it throughout your kitchen.

Using one main colour for your lighting, artwork and kitchen accessories creates a uniform look that’s bold and exciting against the white background.

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Accent Blue Cabinets
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9. Go wild with your flooring

White kitchen units allow you to play around with your flooring to create a stand-out look. Why not go for bold geometric tiling in your favourite colours or a cool monochrome design?

Terrazzo flooring also looks great against white, adding splashes of colour and creating a Mediterranean vibe - perfect if you have a kitchen that gets lots of light!

For something less bold, but still striking and stylish, a light wood floor will keep your kitchen looking light and fresh

10. Choose an off-white shade

You might think that white is white but actually, when it comes to white kitchen cupboards, there are a few different shades to choose from!

From white to ivory and limestone, Omega has several different white paint shades that work well in any type of kitchen whether modern, traditional or shaker. Choose one that suits your style as well as your kitchen.

Classic white is perfect for larger spaces, whilst you might prefer warm ivory if you’re working with a smaller kitchen

White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Off White Cabinets
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