Oblique Gloss White
Oblique Close Up

Sleek and stylish

Available to order from September, this lacquered gloss white door has a chamfered top edge and provides a sleek, handleless solution when used on Omega’s unique Inset handleless system.

The chamfer acts as the handle and replaces the need for the discrete, reverse fitted handle typically used when designing with Inset. Base units have the chamfer at the top, wall units at the bottom, with larder units featuring the chamfer on the side.

Inset Setosa Anthracite And Limestone Copper Trim

New Inset Colours

In response to the growing demand for the Inset handle less system, along with feedback from consumer market research, Omega has revealed a range of new extrusion and reverse fitted handle colours designed to fully co-ordinate or provide a stunning contrast with door colour.

Inset currently uses stainless steel extrusions and a discreet inset handle, perfect for co-ordinating with stainless steel appliances. However, for full co-ordination with the door, or to create a stunning contrast, it is now able to offer extrusions and handles in a range of colours.

The new colours for extrusions and handles allow consumers to perfectly co-ordinate with matching door colours or create a contrasting personalised look. By mixing a different extrusion colour with a different handle colour designers can create a bolder, more striking effect.

The new colours are: White; Cashmere; Limestone; Brushed Copper; Dark Grey.

White, Cashmere and Limestone perfectly complement the range of slab doors available in Sheraton and Mackintosh, whilst Brushed Copper and Dark Grey have been launched to reflect current trends for these colours, and provide a striking contrast.