White Kitchen Wooden Worktops

Why choose wooden worktops?

Before we get into all the ways to style them, why choose a wooden worktop in the first place?

Sophisticated and timeless, a wooden worktop adds a warmth, homeliness and character to a kitchen that just can’t be achieved with another material.

Wood and white together look fantastic in both traditional and modern kitchens, so it doesn’t matter what your style is, it’s guaranteed to look great.

Natural elements like wood also add a softness to the space, meaning that an all white room won’t feel cold or clinical.

White Kitchen Wooden Worktops Why Choose Wood
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They’re long-lasting

When well looked after, wooden countertops can last you a lifetime.

Unlike many other worktop materials, a wooden worktop can be maintained. Dents can be filled, scuffs, scrapes and stain can be polished out, or sanded down and re-oiled, meaning that you can keep kitchen counters looking newer for longer.

And once it’s been sealed, wood has natural antibacterial properties - perfect for the kitchen!

Ideas for a white kitchen with wooden worktops

Bright and airy

Choose white kitchen cabinets with light wood worktops (think white oak or ash) to create a bright and breezy atmosphere.

A light colour scheme like this is ideal in small spaces, or rooms that might not get as much natural light. White and light wood tones together will maximise the light you do get, making the space feel bigger and brighter.

White and light wood when paired with light blues are also ideal for creating a summery, beachy vibe in your home.

White Kitchen Wooden Worktops Light Wood
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Dark dramatics

Want to make a statement without venturing too far from the classics? Let your worktops venture over to the dark side.

Contrast your white cabinets with dark wooden countertops (like walnut, vintage oak or iroko) that really make an impact.

To keep it looking modern, choose a slimmer worktop.

White kitchens with butcher block worktops

Butcher block worktops have been very popular in recent years - and for good reason. These extra thick wooden countertops offer a particularly sturdy work surface that can even be used as a cutting board.

Butcher block worktops are perfect for achieving a rustic farmhouse feel. Pair your butcher block top with white shaker style cabinets for the quintessential country kitchen.

Or if you prefer a more contemporary look, pair your counter with sleek, handleless cabinets or industrial style elements for a kitchen that feels like home to a professional chef.

White Kitchen Wooden Worktops Butcher Block Worktop
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Use wooden worktops in specific areas of your kitchen and a different material (such as granite) elsewhere to create distinct zones in your kitchen.

Create different zones within your work space - for example, you may choose granite for around the sink and oven, and wood on food preparation areas.

Or, use the wooden worktop on a kitchen island to clearly separate dining and social areas from the rest of your kitchen. You could even use dual worktops on the island - one material for food prep, and one for the breakfast bar.

White Kitchen Wooden Worktops Kitchen Island
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Match countertops to shelving

Add character to a white kitchen, and keep everything cohesive, by matching your shelving to the counters.

Open shelves are both stylish and functional, and can be designed in ways that suit both modern and traditional homes.

Choose shelving made from the same type and colour of wood as your worktops to tie everything together.

White Kitchen Wooden Worktops Match Shelving
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Whatever your personal style is, and however you choose to make it your own, a white kitchen with wooden worktops is a match made in heaven. If you’re ready to start designing your dream kitchen, find your nearest showroom today.