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The client wished to create a two-tone kitchen, which they achieved by pairing doors in Gloss White and Gloss Anthracite. This colour combination is less stark than full monochrome, and yet it matches on magnitude. While dark colours can drain, the gloss surfaces reflect light, brightening the space, and giving the kitchen a liquid shimmer. Handleless kitchen doors create a slick and streamlined front you can’t resist running your finger along.

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Artificial light was necessary, as the kitchen had limited sunlight from the trio of windows. A bespoke light fitting haloes the kitchen island, illuminating the central space. The ceiling is starred with spotlights, elevating the height of the kitchen, without being too harsh on the eye. A trio of hanging lights bring a touch of intimacy to the dining area.

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The ‘floating’ island is nothing short of spectacular, appearing to levitate several inches above the floor. This illusion was created using mirrored plinths and under-lighting and gives the impression that our kitchen defies gravity. While the kitchen’s scale was perfect for an island, one of its length may have been too imposing. To invite another dimension to the room, our client opted for a multi-level island, a versatile design which segregates the cooking and dining areas.

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The future of this kitchen is not in its façade alone, but its function. A Quooker tap removes the wait for a beverage, a Miele warming drawer slows down the rush to dish up. The stove is something extra special; a countertop extractor draws cooking vapours downwards, removing the need for an overhead extractor which would compromise the view.


J-Pull doors in Gloss White and Gloss Anthracite

Panoramic Slider Hob with Chopin Extractor by AirUno
Pro 3 Fusion Square Tap by Quooker
Warming Drawer by Miele