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Black and white kitchen cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets, white ones, or a mixture of the two? The choice is yours! White cabinets topped with a black countertop creates a dramatic effect, that’s particularly striking if you limit it to a kitchen island. This will draw the eye towards the island, creating a focal point at the very heart of your kitchen. White painted cabinets contrast with a black granite or glass countertop for a clean and contemporary feel.

Similarly, black cabinets with white countertops are a statement look. Opt for white marble countertops for a timeless look. Every slab of marble is completely different so you can be sure that your kitchen is a complete one of a kind.

You could also go for a two-tone effect with black base units and white wall cabinets. This will help to open up your space, making your kitchen feel light and spacious - perfect for smaller kitchens. Another option is to choose full-length cabinets in one colour and the rest of your cabinets in another for a fun and modern monochromatic look.

Another way of creating a bold, fresh look is to opt for fresh white kitchen cabinets with black open shelving. This feels stylish and modern, with the bold black shelving balancing out the pristine white cabinets.

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White kitchen with black tiles

If you’re worried about an all-white kitchen looking too clean and clinical, black tiles are a great way to break it up and add a different texture to your space. This is a striking look, with plenty of options to choose from - go for all-black, high-shine glossy tiles, or mix it up with a monochrome mosaic.

Alternatively, for a contemporary look, go for white tiles with black grout. It elevates your tiling, helping the white to pop, and it looks especially good in a traditional farmhouse-style kitchen.

White kitchen black floor

It can be easy to focus on the kitchen cabinets when designing your kitchen, but don’t forget about the flooring! A black floor is an easy way to add instant drama to a white kitchen. Black flooring is easy to keep clean and looks effortlessly stylish no matter what size or style of kitchen you have.

Dark slate or granite flooring looks incredibly sophisticated, with unrivalled durability. Stone tiles are timeless and will stand out against white base cabinets to really make your flooring a stand-out feature of your kitchen.

For a modern kitchen, consider geometric tiling with black as the main colour and a secondary colour of either white or something bold and bright for a flash of colour. On the other hand, if you go for black cabinets, you could introduce a lighter element in the flooring to create a contrast. Patterned tiles are a great option for adding a fresh touch, with a pattern in black, white and grey.

If you choose flooring with grey or a brighter colour woven through it, then pick out matching accessories to create a cohesive feel, pulling your black and white kitchen together.

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Black and white kitchen: what colour walls?

If you have a smaller space, then you might want to go for white walls to open up your space and brighten up the room. This is especially true if you go for black cabinets. The contrast looks clean and fresh, creating a contemporary feel without overwhelming a small space.

Alternatively, black kitchen walls can also look fantastic. Black walls with black cabinets and white countertops is a statement look that works perfectly for bigger spaces. You could even add a striking white island and matching furniture for a real talking point. Or go for black walls to contrast with white cabinets. However you choose to work with these two colours, you can’t go wrong with such a classic combination.

You don’t have to stick to black or white walls in your kitchen, although both options can look striking against cabinets of the opposite colour.

Sticking to the same colour spectrum, grey walls can look great in a black and white kitchen. Dark grey walls look sophisticated when paired with black cabinets, whilst light or dove grey are nearly neutral shades that will look cosy and inviting in smaller kitchens.

You might also want to add a pop of colour to the walls to bring your kitchen to life. The choices are endless, but some of our favourite colour combinations are black and white with green, yellow, or pale blue walls.

Adding a different texture to your white and black kitchen can also help to elevate your space. Exposed brickwork looks great against white or black cabinets for a cool, urban feel, whilst painted panelling looks lovely in a traditional or shaker style kitchen.

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Black and white kitchens with a splash of colour

Whether in the walls, tiling, lighting or accessories, adding a splash of colour to your black and white kitchen looks great and can be tailored to either a sleek and sophisticated style or a fun, retro one.

White and black kitchens can be brightened up with accessories in primary colours - think toaster, scales and fruit bowls. This looks especially good in a modern, utilitarian kitchen.

Break with black and white walls and cabinetry with a bold colourful print or two. This is a fun way of adding some colour to your space, and you can easily switch the print every so often if you get bored of it.

Another fun way of adding colour to a monochrome kitchen is with your choice of accessories. Consider a bold, bright fridge and cooker in your favourite colour - as well as brightening up your space, this is also a clever way of breaking up block black or white, where it can be difficult sometimes to get the same shade across cabinets, tiles and wall paint.

Finally, a kitchen island offers plenty of opportunities to play around with colour. Choose a bright colour for yours to make it the focal point of your kitchen, and add some contrasting bar stools for a statement look.

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Grey can be introduced in many different ways. Think about grey pendant lighting for a sophisticated, modern space. Statement lighting works well in both large and small spaces - in smaller kitchens, it helps to draw the eye upwards, giving the illusion of more space, whilst in larger kitchens, it can act as a real focal point.

You may also want to consider grey worktops. This can work especially well if you have chosen to go for black base units and white wall units, as there’s no hard stop between the two contrasting shades, rather, the grey helps to blend them seamlessly together to create an ombre effect.

This is also true of grey tiles, which look great between cabinets either of the same shade or contrasting colours. Go for all-grey for a sophisticated look, or add in a pattern for something a little different.

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However you decide to design your black and white kitchen, we’re sure you’ll find options to suit your kitchen and your own personal style. Here at Omega, we have 5016 different ways to mix and match so you can create the kitchen of your dreams.