Chippendale Blue

What shades of blue could you go for?

With a huge number of blue shades out there to choose from, the world is your oyster when it comes to picking your blue kitchen design.

Dark blue

Deep and bold, dark blue is a beautiful choice for a kitchen. Opt to paint the walls midnight blue, or go for lighter coloured walls paired with dark blue kitchen cabinets to make them really stand out and take pride of place in your kitchen.

Navy blue

Navy blue is a traditional colour, making it a solid bet for a long-lasting kitchen colour that you’ll never get sick of. If you’re looking for something a little different to black, but still a sophisticated staple colour, opt for a navy blue kitchen.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets look great in either a matte or gloss finish, and they pair perfectly with wooden or marble countertops. Create a stand-out look with a navy and white kitchen, coordinating your darker units with fresh white walls and tiles.

English Rose Navy Blue
Instagram: @englishrosekitchens

Light blue

If you want to go for one shade throughout your kitchen, then light blue is the perfect choice. Uplifting without being overpowering, you can combine light blue kitchen cabinets and light blue kitchen walls - and even have the ceiling and floor in the same shade to create a super coordinated look.

Light blues with a white undertone will help to maximise your space and cleverly make it seem like you have a much bigger kitchen. Reminiscent of the sea and sky, light blue is a calming colour, making it the perfect choice for the kitchen, the bustling heart of your home.


Opt for something a little different to the ordinary with a grey-blue kitchen. Choose a blue, whether it’s dark or light, with undertones of grey to add depth to your kitchen walls and create a sophisticated style.

You could even opt for a mixture of grey and blue - a classic colour combination. Choose blue kitchen cabinets in your favourite shade paired with grey tiles and flooring for a colour combination where each colour complements the other for a statement look that will wow all of your guests.

M N11 Mackintosh Oblique Painted Sky White
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Pastel blue

Simultaneously adorably retro and thoroughly modern, a pastel blue kitchen is a great choice if you’re looking for something fun and quirky.

Combine powder blue kitchen cabinets with white walls for a pared-back Scandinavian-inspired look, or add a modern twist to a blue shaker style kitchen by opting for baby blue instead of a darker shade.

Midnight blue

Midnight blue is a contemporary choice for any kitchen, big or small. Midnight blue cabinets paired with stainless steel accessories is a classic combination that will stay timeless for years to come.

Deliciously dark and inviting, midnight blue sets an atmospheric tone for any kitchen whether you opt for a modern or traditional style.

English Rose Dark Blue
Instagram: @englishrosekitchens

Should you go for a fully blue kitchen?

There are two main options when it comes to blue kitchens. Do you choose blue for every element, or is it better to limit the blue to one element, such as the cabinets or walls? It really comes down to personal preference, but here are some points to consider:

Upper cabinets only

You could choose simply to go for blue on your upper cabinets, perhaps contrasting dark blue cabinets with white walls and tiles. If you have an open plan kitchen and living room, this colour scheme is the perfect way to unite the two most sociable areas of your home.

Lower cabinets only

Alternatively, add depth to your space with blue lower cabinets and contrasting upper cabinets and walls. This is a great choice for adding a contemporary twist to traditional kitchens, and if you have a small kitchen, this is an effective way to feature a darker colour in your space while keeping it light at eye level!

Mackintosh Lower Blue
Instagram: @mackintoshkitchens

One floor-to-ceiling section

Create a statement with a blue floor-to-ceiling section with all the cabinets in the same shade of blue. This is a striking option that suits all styles of kitchen, from modern to shaker, and it works equally well in large and small spaces.

Balance a lot of blue with a contrasting floor and ceiling

As well as different colours on your walls and ceiling (cream and grey are both great options to contrast with blue), you can also add depth with different textures. Consider wooden flooring and tiling to tie the look together.

The beauty of blue is that there are so many different shades. So if you have a small kitchen, and a fully dark blue kitchen would be overwhelming, you can still go for full blue by mixing it up with different shades.

English Rose Floor Cel Blue
Instagram: @englishrosekitchens

What about blue accents?

If you don’t want to commit to a fully blue colour scheme, there are ways to bring splashes of colour to a more neutral colour palette. If you have a neutral coloured kitchen in white, grey or cream, here’s a few ways you can jazz it up with blue.

Kitchen island

Add a touch of style to your kitchen and increase your workspace with a kitchen island. Whether it’s a big island in the centre of the kitchen, or a subtle breakfast bar, a kitchen island can become the focal point of your space, so make sure it stands out. Choose a contrasting blue, or mix up the textures by opting for a wooden island.

Mackintosh Blue Island
Instagram: @mackintoshkitchens


The lighting in your kitchen can really transform your space. Ceiling lights along the length of your kitchen will create ambient lighting and make the room feel bigger, whilst pendant lighting is ideal for a modern style. Go for blue fixtures, or stainless steel as a foil to your blue colour scheme.

Small appliances

One of the easiest ways to add a splash of colour to your kitchen is with your small appliances. Pick out a retro blue toaster, kettle and coffee machine that either matches or contrasts with your main colour scheme for a look that feels really ‘put together’.

Furniture and accessories

From dining chairs to bins, and from picture frames to dining benches, furniture and accessories are another way to pull together your kitchen colour scheme and create a homely feel. Match your furniture to your blue kitchen cabinets, or go for a completely contrasting colour for a more modern feel.

English Rose Blue Plates
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Feeling inspired to go for a blue kitchen? Take a look at our range of kitchen brands, and start planning your dream blue kitchen now, from the cabinets and walls, right down to the fine details of appliances, accessories and handles.