It’s more than likely, that by the time it comes to shopping for a kitchen splashback your units are already in situ and the decorating is underway. Although it is more often than not somewhat of an afterthought, a sink or hob splashback can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Here are just a few ideas to give you some food for thought…

Metal Head

There are so many different types of metal that can give your kitchen a completely different ambience. The tactile aged patina of copper can have a warm, cosy, homely, appearance, whilst the subtle sheen of a brushed steel or aluminium can offer a sleek, understated glamour to a modern kitchen. If you fancy something truly unique, take a look at mycoppercraft, Poland for a bespoke piece that can be a striking focal point in a kitchen of any style.

Seamless Style

Corian, Silestone and Ceasarstone offer a wealth of finishes and styles. They are absolutely perfect if you want a flowing, seamless kitchen where the worktops, splashback and sink are all made from the same material. This is particularly useful for small kitchens that need clean lines to avoid being too cluttered or fussy.

Who’s the fairest?

Installing a mirrored splashback in your kitchen can have a number of benefits. With the right application it can reflect the natural light coming into the room and create a brighter feel in a naturally dark room. If any of your windows possess a particularly impressive view, strategic placing of a mirrored splashback can double the effect, creating an impression of extra space and depth, which can be particularly helpful in a small kitchen.

Plastic fantastic

An acrylic splashback can be an ideal choice for a modern kitchen. It is a sleek and glossy look that can be either muted and elegant, or if you decide to go for something more colourful, can add a pop of vibrant energy to your room. It’s an easy to clean and durable option that’s perfect for a budget.

Heart of glass

Toughened glass is incredible versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere in the kitchen – behind the sink, as there are no cracks or grout to gather dirt, or behind the hob, as the easy-care, wipe clean surface makes cleaning splashes and spills an easy task. There is a huge array of colours and effects available to choose from, even a bespoke pattern or family print is possible. Glitter glass can bring a smile to the face of any would-be princess (or prince) out there.

Don’t be a square

Who says splackbacks have to be square? Break with tradition and create your own elegant or quirky style, using either tiles in unusual formats, or having a piece of your choice cut into a bespoke shape. Stamp your own personal style on your splashback and make your kitchen truly unique!