Grooved Ivory

Moroccan Magic

Designers take inspiration from across the globe, but it’s no mystery why they keep coming back to the brightly coloured patterns of Morocco. The intricate designs of Moroccan tiles will bring an exotic feel into your kitchen and, when combined, mean you can create a one-of-a-kind look that invokes the richness and warmth of its country of origin.

Pretty Pastels

Far from sickly and saccharine, pastel kitchen tiles are proving themselves to be sophisticated and stylish. If you want to dip your toe in, consider pairing white kitchen units with simple pastel metro tiles in a classic design, or go bold with metallic accessories and eye-catching geometric patterns.

Statement Patterns & Geometrics

This trend is less about which tile you use, and more about how you use it. Lay your tiles in an unexpected pattern and watch your kitchen go from ordinary to extraordinary with the swipe of a tile-cutter! Try hexagonal tiles in a honeycomb style, or lay your metro tiles vertically instead of horizontally and get a whole new perspective on life.

The Poppy Stylist

A Touch of Metallic

Adding a glamorous finish to your kitchen, metallic tiles are perfect for those that like the finer things in life! Pair with statement lighting, and matching metallic hardware across your kitchen for the ultimate in modern, luxury kitchen design.

Photo: @the.poppy.stylist

Oblique Gloss White

Absolutely Marble-ous

The natural beauty of marble is a timeless classic, and marble kitchen tiles are the ideal way to include this natural stone in your interiors. From the sophistication of white marble, reminiscent of ancient statues and palaces, to the dramatic look of black marble, this material is a must-have for luxury kitchens that never go out of style.


Textured tiles are the perfect addition to your kitchen if you want to make a statement. Adding depth to any design, there any number of combinations of textured kitchen tiles to try - so let your imagination go wild! If you don’t want to go bold, try textured tiles in a neutral colour or combine matt and gloss tiles in tonal shades for a unique look.

Bct56805 Hd Distresses Wood Kitchen Roomset

Very Vintage

If you’re more traditional, the trend for vintage style kitchen tiles may be the one for you. Taking inspiration from the most fashionable times in history, vintage tiles will take your kitchen from basic to beautiful. Choose tiles that match the tone of your furnishings, and add some quirky accessories for a cohesive but playful finish.

Bct50582 Ted Baker Partridge 331X331Mm Kitchen

Dark and Moody

The colour black has been sneaking its way back into interiors over the past few years, and it’s showing no sign of stopping! Black kitchen tiles are the latest in statement interiors, creating a striking backdrop for your culinary activities. Try incorporating different textures for a high-end look, or combining with warm wooden pieces and contrasting white tableware for a modern but homely feel.

Va04312 Va Metro Kitchen Sykes Blue

Coloured Grout

Add a little something extra to your kitchen tiles with some coloured grout. Whether you’re giving your subway tiles a bit extra personality, or really letting your design flair come through with a unique combination of colours, this trend will make sure that your kitchen tiles really stand out from the crowd!

Industrial Cool

Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a touch of urban cool to your kitchen, opt for industrial-style tiles. Concrete-look tiles or tiles with a distressed texture work well with this trend; keep it modern with metallic accessories, industrial lighting and open shelving.