Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

Choosing a simple kitchen colour palette

The colour scheme is the backdrop of your kitchen and will set the tone for your kitchen. Here are some of our favourite colour schemes for keeping it simple:

  • If you’re looking for the best way to brighten up a small simple kitchen design, opt for soft colours. This will help to keep your space looking fresh, and can even make your kitchen look bigger than it really is.
  • Neutral colours like white and cream will set a classic tone for your space, whilst soft yet non-traditional colours like light green or pale grey will keep it fresh and modern.
  • If you choose non-traditional colours, add an earthy tone with neutral accents and wood or stone in your flooring, worktops or kitchen cabinets, to keep the look and feel simple and natural.
  • You can’t go wrong with a simple black and white kitchen design - or stick with either all-black or all-white for a kitchen that’s both functional and fashionable. If you want to go down the monochrome look, consider how the two colours will work best together, whether that’s white cabinets and black flooring or black cabinets and white tiles. You could even go for white cabinets and glossy black handles for just a pop of interest. Alternatively, go for all white or all black to keep it feeling clean.
Simple Kitchen Design Colour

Simple kitchen flooring

For simple yet stylish kitchen flooring, consider one of these ideas:

  • Large tiles for a modern look. Go for all one colour to keep things looking sleek, or mix and match two complementary soft shades for a little added pep.
  • Wooden flooring is classic and timeless, so you’ll stay on-trend for many years to come. This type of flooring looks good in everything from Shaker-style kitchens to super-modern styles.
  • Patterned tiles can look great, particularly when paired with plain white cabinets (with either a glossy or matte finish depending on your taste). If you don’t want to commit to a fully patterned floor, consider a patterned rug, perfect for zoning off your dining area.
Simple Kitchen Design Flooring

Choose feature appliances

If you’ve kept the rest of your space plain, making a feature of your appliances is a great way to create a feature in your simple kitchen design.

Against plain white cabinets, tiles and neutral flooring, a big range cooker or a freestanding fridge in a pretty pastel shade can really make a statement. If you love to cook, then investing in an AGA or another cooker you love will bring you joy every day.

Alternatively, use your kitchen accessories and appliances to make a statement on a smaller scale. A simple kitchen layout makes the perfect backdrop to a colourful kettle, toaster and coffee machine. You can use the same colours throughout your kitchen decor, in a rug or wall art for example, to tie the space together in a cohesive way.

Simple Kitchen Design Appliances

Go minimalist

One really easy way to keep your kitchen simple is to reduce the amount of things you have in your space. Minimising the amount of clutter works especially well for small simple kitchen designs, as the less stuff you have on display, the bigger your space will feel.

Consider reducing the amount of items you have to just what you need. Do you really need 16 cups and saucers, or could you reduce that number down to 8? This is particularly important if you have open shelving, as you want to add to a feeling of cool minimalism with your simple kitchen shelf design, rather than cultivating a messy shelf.

Just display the items you need and keep any crockery and appliances, like mixers and food processors stored away when not in use - unless, of course, they add to and enhance your decor.

Simple modern kitchen design

Simplicity lends itself perfectly to modern design, so if you love the thought of a sleek, contemporary kitchen that will look stylish for years to come, then a modern simple kitchen design will suit you perfectly,

Glossy white cabinets suit the simple trend - but why not go one step further with handleless cabinets for a truly sleek finish?

Floor to ceiling cabinets are another way to get that chic, contemporary look. Removing the gap between your floor and wall cabinets, and extending them all the way to the ceiling creates a smooth, seamless sight line with no gaps for an ultra-modern aesthetic.

Splashbacks offer a great way to inject your own personality into your simple kitchen design. Subway tiles are effortlessly cool, whilst a glass splashback offers something a little different and is a good way to bring a different texture into your kitchen.

Simple Modern Kitchen Design


Straightforward, sleek and stylish - what’s not to love about a simple kitchen layout? If you’ve been inspired by our simple kitchen ideas and want to create a pared-back space that suits your tastes, find your local showroom and discover how Omega can help you design your dream kitchen.