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Create a contemporary look with all white

From white gloss kitchen units to white walls, worktops and even appliances, a kitchen designed entirely in gloss white is ultra-modern and sleek. It’ll make your space feel bright and airy - and there’s no need to worry about it getting dirty as white gloss kitchens are famously easy to keep clean. Simply wipe any marks away and it’ll be back to looking as crisp as ever. It’s the perfect choice for a modern home, but it’s no passing trend - this style will stand the test of time.

Add a hint of colour with tonal highlights

If you want to mix in a different element to a white high gloss kitchen, consider adding a few neutral colours. This will keep all of the focus on your sparkling white space, whilst adding interest - particularly good if your kitchen is large and all-white feels overwhelming. Contrast your shiny white kitchen cabinets and worktops with flooring, wall paint or tiles and ceiling paint in a tonal colour palette to keep the look uniform and sophisticated.

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Grey and white high gloss kitchen

Grey is the perfect contrast to white for a kitchen. Matte grey walls work well to offset the high shine finish of a white gloss fitted kitchen, and you can perfectly match the wall colour to granite worktops for a cohesive look throughout. You could even tie in your kitchen furniture as well, choosing seats to match your grey colour scheme for a look that’s as perfectly coordinated as a show home.

Get natural with a white gloss and wood kitchen

For a classic country look that works perfectly in a traditional or shaker style kitchen, consider using natural wood worktops in your white gloss kitchen. As well as your worktops, you could also add a wooden kitchen island, which helps to break up the starkness of an all-white kitchen. You can add elements of white to the island, such as in the storage drawers, to tie the two tones together and keep the look integrated. White gloss combined with oak will help to warm up your space, ideal if you have a larger kitchen, or simply want a cosy feel.

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Brighten up your space with a pop of yellow

For a bright and sunny feel, yellow is the perfect colour combination for your white gloss kitchen. Paint the walls a vibrant hue of yellow, go for yellow cabinet doors, or choose a yellow splashback to make you instantly feel happier every time you enter your kitchen - after all, the kitchen is the heart of your home, so it should make you feel good!

Use white as the base colour for eclectic accessories

White gloss kitchens provide the perfect backdrop for accessorising to your own taste. When you keep everything gloss white - from your base units to wall cupboards, tiles, and worktops - it means that you can experiment with accessories and appliances in a wide range of colours and styles without it looking messy. Go wild with your vintage store finds and display them proudly against your white gloss backdrop.

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Add a bold wallpaper

You could take it one step further than bold accessories by adding a bright, patterned wallpaper between your base units and wall cabinets. Glossy white kitchen cabinets allow for experimentation, as they won’t detract from the statement wallpaper - in fact, they can even help to enhance the design of the wallpaper. Of course, just ensure that you choose a hard-wearing wallpaper that can withstand all the splashes and spillages that are likely to come with a working kitchen.

Warm up white gloss kitchen units with brass hardware

All-white kitchens sometimes have a reputation for feeling clinical, and whilst this can be true, it’s easy to remedy with a touch of colour here and there. Brass is warm and welcoming and looks great set against glossy white. Use it for your cabinet handles, taps and even lighting to create an inviting feel.

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Consider off white

If white feels a little too much for your space, and you’re worried about that clinical look, going for off-white can do a lot to brighten up your kitchen. It might not seem like a big difference, but going for a shade or two towards cream can instantly make your kitchen feel warmer.

Match your appliances perfectly

When you go for a glass white high gloss kitchen, you have an opportunity to perfectly match your appliances to create a completely seamless look. White gloss fridges, washing machines and dishwasher mean that the line of sight is never broken in your kitchen, which makes the space feel bigger, and looks incredibly modern to boot.

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Whatever direction you decide to take your white gloss kitchen in, one thing’s for sure - this is a look that’s simultaneously classic and contemporary, and it’ll never go out of style. Take a look at our kitchen brands and start planning your dream kitchen today.