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Add a pop of colour with yellow kitchen walls

From classic canary yellow to sophisticated mustard and vintage-inspired pastel, there are a thousand different shades of yellow to choose from for your walls. Think about the vibe you want to create in your kitchen - do you want something modern, or more traditional? Do you want it to be bright and bold, or pared back and more muted? You might also want to think about the style of your kitchen, whether modern, traditional or shaker style.

You don’t have to paint all of the walls the same colour, either. Yellow is the perfect statement shade for an accent wall, which can look particularly striking in a large open-plan kitchen. Pair with stark white or dramatic black for a stand-out look.

Brighten your space with yellow kitchen units and cupboards

Yellow kitchen walls and units can look great together, whether you choose a matching shade or go for a two-tone look with yellow units and contrasting wall colour. You could even go for an ombre effect with darker yellow base units and wall cupboards in a lighter shade. This is a fantastic way to open up your space and play with the different tones offered by one single colour.

Yellow kitchen units look great contrasted against natural wood for a Scandinavian-inspired look. Consider opting for mustard yellow base units and wooden countertops and wall units for a look that feels cohesive, with the wooden elements adding extra depth to an otherwise bright and bold colour scheme.

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Yellow and grey kitchen

Yellow and grey is a classic colour combination that’s simultaneously contemporary and timeless. Grey is the perfect modern neutral - that little bit more interesting than white or black, it works flawlessly as a backdrop to pops of yellow. The understated nature of grey, especially if you choose a cooler tone, allows the yellow to do all the talking, working together to create a kitchen space that you’ll love for years to come.

There are many different yellow and grey kitchen ideas to allow you to work with this trend. Mustard yellow walls and soft grey kitchen units look incredible together - and the same is true for the reverse. All shades of yellow work well with grey, from sunflower-bright to buttery soft tones, so you can mix and match with your favourite shade of grey to find a combination that works for your style. Go for dark grey and bold lemon yellow to create a bold look; pale yellow and soft grey for a pastel look; or zesty sherbet yellow and light grey for a retro feel - perfect paired with a traditional or shaker style kitchen.

Sleek grey kitchen units and yellow tiles work well for a minimalist kitchen style, or you could add a pop of colour to an otherwise completely grey kitchen with a bright yellow island, drawing the eye to the heart of your kitchen. If you have a small space and cabinets in either one colour or the other feels overwhelming, you could go for a two-tone approach with base cabinets in grey and wall cupboards in yellow, separated by matching tiles either in matching shades or in white for a clean, fresh look.

Yellow and white kitchen

Yellow and white is a combination that will never go out of style for a kitchen. It’s a particularly good colour combination for small kitchens, as both colours will really brighten up your space, helping it to feel light and airy, and cementing its place as the heart of your home.

Consider yellow base units and white walls and open shelving to help to create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. The yellow creates warmth against the stark white for a cosy, inviting space.

Alternatively, a few bright splashes of yellow can really help to liven up an otherwise all-white kitchen. If you don’t like the idea of yellow kitchen cabinets, then a few well-chosen appliances and accessories can create added warmth and depth. Consider a yellow range cooker for a stand-out focal point, yellow kettle and toaster, or a yellow backsplash to contrast with the white.

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Yellow and green kitchen

A slightly more unusual choice, a yellow and green kitchen is perfect for those looking to make a statement with their space. Choose modern fixtures and fittings in bright colours - zesty lime green, perhaps, paired with sunshine yellow - for an eye-catching room that everyone will want to spend time in.

It doesn’t have to be bright and bold, though. This colour combination works well with traditional kitchen units for a Mediterranean feel. Choose kitchen cabinets in light yellow and add accents of green in the countertops and your choice of furniture for a warm and inviting farmhouse-style feel.

Alternatively, why not go for one bold colour, complemented by a softer shade of the other colour? Hunter green with pale yellow is a striking colour combination, as is pastel green teamed with a strong mustard. It’s up to you whether you paint the walls in the softer tone, with bold cabinets or vice versa. You can play around with the different elements of your kitchen to create a style that works well for you - wooden countertops can work to break up the two striking colours, for example, whilst striking stainless steel appliances will help to add a modern edge.

Yellow and blue kitchen

Yellow and blue is another lovely colour combination for those looking for something a little more unusual for their kitchen. As with green and yellow, there’s a lot of scope when it comes to these colours. Choose soft hues for a retro-inspired pastel look, or go bold and bright.

One great way to incorporate blue and yellow into your kitchen is through mosaic tiling. Bring the bohemian vibes of Lisbon into your kitchen space with this type of tiling, which will work well whether you choose blue or yellow kitchen cabinets. It can also work perfectly as the bridge between blue base cabinets and yellow wall cabinets, a two-tone style that looks great in smaller kitchens. Keeping the darker colour on your base units and lighter colours on top will help to open up your kitchen, creating the illusion of a space that’s much bigger than it really is. Tie it all together with accessories in complementary colours.

Blue base units can also look striking when contrasted with bright yellow flooring. Go for a geometric shape in a sunshine yellow shade for something that will make you smile every morning when you stumble into the kitchen to make your coffee - yellow is an instant mood booster, especially when paired with cool, calming blue!

Whether you prefer a modern or traditional kitchen, this colour combination works beautifully. Stick with more muted shades for a traditional kitchen and brighter tones for a modern one, or completely subvert expectations and mix it up with bold, bright colours for your traditional kitchen. The choice is yours!

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Yellow and black kitchen

Looking for something that will stand out? Go for a yellow and black kitchen. This bold colour combination is sure to get your guests talking, but once again, you can choose how dramatic you go. Sunny lemon shades will create the boldest look, or you could soften the black by opting for lighter yellow tones or even a pastel hue.

This colour scheme looks great softened with wooden worktops and flooring, but it looks equally as striking with modern handleless cabinets and sleek, shiny appliances, so you can easily adapt it depending on whether you have a modern or traditional kitchen style. If you really want to make a statement, go for all-black walls and cabinets, with a bright yellow island. This bold look will ensure that your kitchen island is the focal point of your space, somewhere that the whole family will want to spend time at.

However you decide to style your yellow kitchen, Omega has an endless combination of styles and colours to help you create your perfect space.